Beacontalk - Peer to peer chat-program that sends data over Wi-Fi without associations

01 August 2012

Beacontalk - Peer to peer chat-program that sends data over Wi-Fi without associations

Beacontalk is a peer to peer chat-program that uses a method of sending data over Wi-Fi without associations. This program enables the user to send text to other in-range wireless devices also running the program. All received messages that are unique, are re-broadcast. This means that if nodes are places in a straight line, the data will be sent through a chain of nodes. Be wary of that this program is merely a proof of concept and does not use any encryption. Anyone with a package-sniffer will be able to decipher your messages.

To install the program

$ ./configure; make; make install

Put your wireless card into monitor mode and pick a channel

$ ifconfig wlan0 down; iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor; iwconfig wlan0 channel 1; ifconfig wlan0 up

Run the program by doing

$ ./beacontalk wlan0

Look at the source on github, or download a tarball.



03 June 2012

Playlist2XBMC - send YouTube Playlists from Chrome to XBMC

I am an avid XBMC user and I noticed the lack of an easy way to queue (multiple) YouTube videos and playlists from a web-browser to XBMC. That is why I created Playlist2XBMC, a Google Chrome extension that enables you to send and create playlists from YouTube to XBMC. The extension talks to the JSON-RPC API of XBMC (from 11.0 Eden and beyond) using AJAX in order to manage a playlist. The current version has the following functions:

  • Adds a play button to every YouTube page which ‘inserts’ the video into your playlist and plays it right away

  • Adds a plus button to every YouTube page which adds the video at the end of the playlist queue

  • Adds a clear button to every YouTube page to clear your current playlist

  • In case of a YouTube playlist-bar, it adds a button to play that YouTube playlist on your XBMC

  • Adds play and plus buttons to the search results on YouTube

Download it for free in the Chrome Web Store

Update: This addon is out of date and no longer supported, as a replacement I recommend Play to XBMC